Testimoni Peserta Educational Trip Wisata Muslim IITCF

Ribka E. Wijaya (Vivi)

Director of ROCKY Holiday | PT. Aquila Rocky Wisatama

This program held by IITCF (Indonesia Islamic Travel Communication Forum) affiliated with ITLA (Indonesia Tour Leader Association), was attract the participant with its special program of Moslem Tourism in Europe, especially to accommodate the needs of Moslem traveler from Indonesia and Asia citizen. Not only participated by Moslem Travel owners and Tour Leaders, as I am not a Moslem, but we learned so much things in this journey. It's the best Moslem Educational Program that I ever joined. Don't miss it in next period..! Successful regards

Hermawan Sulistyo

Managing Director GRACIA TOUR

I feel lots of benefits from joining this program. Even though I am a Tour Leader who have brought several groups to Europe, alongside with other destinations, the Coach gave lots of useful tips when doing Tour Leader’s responsibilities. Such as how to work together well with the Local Guide, drivers, restaurants, and others. We were reminded of our obligations and rights. We were also told about how to keep the guests comfortable during lots of things, how to manage the tax refund and getting the money, via cash or credit card. The Coach shared lots of knowledge and information without acting like a teacher.

KH. Arif Muzakkir Lc

Freelance Tour Leader

The experience my wife and I had by joining the Educational trip is really what I am thankful for. We always thank God for that. During the trip we really learnt how to be a Moslem trip Tour leader who doesn’t only care for halal food and beverages, but also gives wise attitude. During the trip we were trained to be a Tour Planner, a Trainer, an Entertainer, a Problem Solver, and also a good Entrepreneur. I hope this togetherness will last for a long time. I hope we can meet again on the upcoming trips. Aamiin

Dyah R.H

Managing Director PT.MEGA GEMILANG BATARI KENCANA Tour & Travel

Europe destinations that always sound like tough and complicated destination to most tour leaders turned out to be an interesting and challenging one under the guidance, sharing and leadership of our coach Mr. Priyadi Abadi. We were brought to many important spots and given useful tips during the trip which should not be missed by tour leaders. I would like to say this Educational Trip is loaded with great benefits and is a MUST for all new tour leaders who aim to improve their skills and knowledge.