We Are

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

We begin with simple networking on cyberspace on Moslem Tour and Pilgrimage destinations with members from travel agencies owner, tour staffs and tour leaders.

Concerned with the lack of professional human resources, IITCF initiates to start with Educational Trip or Training programs to upgrade the skills for those in Moslem travel industry lines.

Our hope is through this trainings we will be able to transform and open up the eyes on Moslem Travel Agencies to set their market not only on Hajj and Umraa, but also on Moslem destinations around the world. Through this forum we want to work closely and share the mission to pursue all of them for a better preparation on facing Asean Economic Community / MEA.

Wassalamuaikum Wr Wb

Your sincerely

H. Priyadi Abadi, M.Par

Chairman of Indonesian Islamic Travel Communication Forum (IITCF)
CEO Adinda Azzahra Group
Chairman of Asosiasi Tour Leader Muslim Indonesia (ATLMI)
Founder & CEO Muslim Holiday Konsorsium